How do I download the libraries?

There are two ways to download Ivy Audio libraries: BitTorrent, or a donation-supported direct download. The BitTorrent download is completely free, all you need is a BitTorrent client. Some popular options are Transmission and qBittorrent for Mac and PC, respectively. Once you have a client installed, the links should work automatically. If not, right click the link, select copy, and add it manually in your client.

To get a direct download, simply click the Direct Download button on the appropriate product page, donate $1 or more, and the link will be automatically emailed to you.

Will the libraries work with the free Kontakt Player?

No. Kontakt Player libraries have to be licensed through Native Instruments, and the licensing costs a pretty penny. If I made Kontakt Player libraries, I wouldn't be able to offer them for free.

Can I share the libraries with friends or colleagues?

Yes! Sharing is totally fine. Redistributing the libraries publicly, however, is not.

Why are the libraries free?

Ivy Audio is where I put my proof of concept libraries, products I wouldn't feel 100% confident charging for. It seems silly to go to all the trouble of building them without making them available for people to use.

Why do I have to donate to get a direct download link?

Hosting reliable downloads for files this massive is no easy task. Donations have been insufficient to cover the cost of a powerful enough server, so I've opted to use a third party distributor instead. Fastspring hosts the downloads, takes care of payment processing, and makes the distribution process easier for everyone involved.

Why not just use a file hosting site?

While popular filesharing sites do have sufficient space to host the downloads, bandwidth is the limiting factor. Ivy Audio gets several terabytes of download requests per month, and file sharing sites will often freeze links that generate that much traffic.

Can you build an instrument for me?

Yes! If you're itching to use a particular sound in a piece but aren't satisfied by any of the available commercial libraries, I can create a high quality virtual instrument just for you! Shoot me an email at contact@ivyaudio.com if you're interested.